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Highland honors GED® graduates with recognition ceremony

Clarence Mitchell Library

Highland Community College’s 48th annual General Education Development (GED®) Graduation Ceremony, to honor the 2020-21 completers was on Wednesday, June 16 at the Student Conference Center at 2998 W. Pearl City Rd., Freeport, Ill.

Thirty students completed the requirements for the GED® certificate as part of Highland’s Adult Education program. They were invited, along with their families, to participate in the celebration of the accomplishment.

Highland’s Director of Adult Education, Rachel Feldhaus, gave the welcome, with Liz Gerber, Vice President, Student Development and Support Services, bestowing the certificates to each graduate. Student speakers were Rachel King and Anthony Gouty-Lease. Also, in attendance was Chris Kuberski, president of Highland Community College.

“Completing a GED® is an amazing accomplishment at any time, but even more so during a pandemic,” Feldhaus said. “These students have truly proved to themselves, their families, and the world that they can do anything they put their minds to. I hope their success encourages other folks to realize that achieving a GED® is possible for everyone, no matter their circumstances.”

Graduates this year were: Andrew Boelk, Fedil Brooks, Jaylean Butler, Sophia Cameron, Austin Cummings, Tamera Ellis, Austin Ellis, Lillian Farris, Adrianne Garduno, Hunter Giedd, Anthony Gouty-Lease, Lillian Groezinger, Yunuen Hinojosa, Alma Huertero, Natanna Jacobs, Rachel King, Heather Martinez, Jesse Mathieu, Skyla Pommerening, Norma Reyna Salomon, Anthony James Robinson. Hector   Rojas, Grace Suttman, Damien Wescott, Carl Zito, Mya Rodriquez, Tiffany  Vicario, Samuel Arauz-Reed, Gradiey Welty, Suzannah Arauz-Reed.

For additional information about Highland Community College’s GED® program, call Adult Education at 815-599-3460 or visit