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UPDATE: Zoom™ Technical Difficulties 8/24/20

Clarence Mitchell Library

Update (8/24/20 1:34 p.m.)

Zoom™ services are working normally again. If you have any errors, contact or call 815-599-3628. Thank you for your patience.

Update (8/24/20 8:34 a.m.) –

1 – IT has received reports that some Zoom™ meetings are working correctly so please try to access your Zoom™ class/meeting.

2 – Zoom™ support suggested using the Zoom™ client to attend your class/meeting instead of logging in through the website. Look for the Zoom™ icon on your desktop or by typing Zoom™ in the Windows search box and try to access it that way.

Students – If you have any issues please email your instructor.

Some of you may have problems accessing Zoom™ today (Monday). Our IT team is working through the problem; however, it seems a Zoom™ product issue. Please email your instructor for guidance on course attendance for access problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.