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Other Important Information

Accessible Parking

All arrangements for parking permits are made through a student’s individual medical provider. A license plate or parking placard is required for accessible parking. A license plate or parking placard is also required for students who need accessible parking for a temporary time. Visit Cyber Drive Illinois for information regarding the license plate or parking placard application process.

Alternate Format of Materials

Some students receive alternate format of materials as an accommodation. Examples of alternate format of materials include electronic text (in MS Word, PDF, straight text, etc.), audio recordings, Braille, and tactile drawings. Students who have alternate format of materials as an accommodation need to submit requests and materials to be adapted to the Disability Services at least three weeks prior to the date that materials are needed. Although three weeks may seem like a long time, the process of acquiring or producing alternate format is quite intensive due to copyright issues and the various conversion processes involved. Disability Services will make every reasonable effort to ensure that students receive alternate format of materials in a timely manner. To do so, students should understand that:

  • Disability Services can only convert materials that are in its possession, and is unable to purchase materials on the students behalf;
  • Requests are processed in the order received;
  • Many publishers state that their response time can be between 6 to 10 weeks so early planning is essential;
  • If the course structure does not allow timely provision of adapted materials, Disability Services staff, the course instructor, and the student should discuss whether an alternative, reasonable accommodation is available; and
  • Disability Services retains the right to determine the most effective and timely accommodation after appropriate consultation with the student.

As Disability Services is committed to providing student centered services, the following processes are shared for clarity and direction. Students should contact the instructor of each course well in advance of the semester (preferably 8 weeks prior) in order to:

  • Inquire about required textbooks;
  • Identify all printed materials that will need to be adapted, such as handouts, PowerPoint slides, visual aids that will be used, and/or additional readings (e.g. Library reserve or e-reserve readings);
  • Discuss with the instructor the option of him or her providing Word/text files of materials directly to the student or to Disability Services when appropriate; and
  • Contact Disability Services and follow the appropriate steps, depending on the type of format needed, to obtain the alternative media.

Electronic Text (e-text)

Students seeking electronic format of text (e-text), will be required to:

  • Purchase the text to be converted, as required by publishers and industry standards;
  • Provide Disability Services with proof of purchase (receipt) for the text(s);
  • Complete the “Alternative Format Request Form” located at M-104 and M-105;
  • Bring a copy of the syllabus to Disability Services for the class(es) in which he or she is requesting e-text; and
  • Provide a textbook for the process of conversion. During this process, the book bindings will be cut off, scanned and converted.

The student will be provided one copy of the alternate format for each material required for academic use. This electronic file is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or distributed. Any further reproduction or distribution is an infringement of the agreement with the publisher.

The student will be provided one copy of the alternate format for each material required for academic use. This electronic file is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or distributed. Any further reproduction or distribution is an infringement of the agreement with the publisher.

Some publishers require that students return any material received from Disability Services at the end of the semester. In most of these cases, Disability Services will have an agreement from the publisher the student will need to sign. If a student does not return the materials, a hold is placed on the student’s account which will suspend the release of grades, registration of classes, release of transcripts, or receipt of diploma upon graduation.

Disability Services will accept any e-text books students wish to return at any time. On occasion, the electronic text conversion method may not be the most appropriate accommodation. In these instances, audio recordings may be provided. This is determined on an individualized basis.

Braille, Enlarged Print, and Screen Magnification

Students needing materials in Braille, enlarged print or tactile drawings must complete an “Alternate Format Request Form” and supply the printed information to the Coordinator. Please note that books are seldom available in Braille or Large Print, but sections can be made available, as needed. The student should discuss his or her needs with the Coordinator. It can take a few to several months to acquire or produce Braille materials. Students are strongly encouraged to gain proficiency in various types of assistive technology that is available to increase access to printed materials.

Pick-up of Completed Materials

Students will be notified when requested materials have been completed. Students should pick up completed materials within five working days of notification unless other arrangements are made. If a student consistently does not pick up completed materials, additional materials will not be converted until the student has met with the Coordinator to discuss and evaluate the need for the accommodation.