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Students on the path to a career in automotive have several opportunities at Highland. Graduates will be ready to enter careers in repairing and servicing vehicles after earning an Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degree or certificate. Our automotive students have a 93% completion rate.

Program Pathways and Future Careers

Automotive Service Level I — Certificate
Automotive Service Level II — Certificate
Automotive Mechanics — AAS (Program Outcomes)

These stackable certificates and standalone degree option will qualify you for:

  • A variety of automotive technician positions in vehicle repair and maintenance.
  • Specialist in engines, brakes, drive trains, transmissions, steering/suspension, electrical systems, tune-up/emission control, or heating/air conditioning.
  • Automotive customer service including parts specialist, service writer, and more.

Automotive Service Level I and II

Highland’s sequential automotive service certificates include automatic transmissions and air conditioning, engine performance and repair, electric systems and electrical controls, manual drive trains and axles, suspension and steering, and brakes. Give the record numbers of vehicles on the highways, specialized professionals in this field are in high demand.

Automotive Mechanics AAS

The automotive mechanics associate of applied science (AAS) program is an advanced, transferable option that prepares students for careers through a combination of education and hands-on workplace experience. Graduates will be qualified for higher-level positions and additionally have the option of continuing on to a four-year program and more advanced applied-science degrees.

Industry Certification through ASE

Highland’s program is accredited through ASEEF (Automotive Service Excellence Education Foundation) to scale up to industry-level education in automotive technology. Completion of the Automotive Service Level I and Level II certificate or degree provides each student with foundational knowledge and skills.

This groundwork prepares graduates for the next step of taking multi-level tests to become an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Automotive Service Technician. ASE also accepts two years of Highland experience as one year of work experience in the journey to become master-certified.

Automotive Faculty and Advising

Jim Palmer, Automotive Technology faculty — 815-599-3554
Kristin Akins, Automotive Technology faculty — 815-599-3468
Vicki Schulz, Advisor and Transfer Coordinator — 815-599-3664

Toolkit Program

Because technicians working in the field have to provide their own hand, power and basic diagnostic tools, Highland sets students up for success through a toolkit program. Ask your advisor or an instructor for more information.