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How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

You can call 815.599.3573 to schedule, change, or cancel an appointment with your advisor.

How do I withdraw from a class?

In order to withdraw from a class, you will need a withdrawal form, which is available in Enrollment Services. Both you and your instructor will need to complete some of the information on the form, and then you can return it to Admissions.

Students who withdraw from a class after the “no record/drop date” will be required to pay the tuition and fees in full. A “W” will be recorded on their official transcript. The “no record/drop date” is listed in the academic calendar.

Students who are receiving financial aid will need to stop by the Financial Aid department. Withdraws can affect financial aid.

How do I add a class?

If you want to add a class that hasn’t started yet, you can login to your ROAR account and add the class. If you want to add a class after the semester has begun, then you will need to get a form from Admissions or your advisor in order to add the class.

I saw an advisor at my high school. Do I still need to make an advising appointment

As a service to the many high school students that start their college education at Highland. We meet with them in the spring to help the seniors register for Highland classes during Quick Start. We still strongly encourage you to meet with an advisor during the first few weeks of your first semester. Your advisor will be your guide throughout your college career at Highland. The Quick Start does not allow for enough time to discuss your future plans.

Do I need to meet with an advisor to register for classes?

If you are a first-time student, you are required to meet with an advisor to register for classes during your first semester. After that you are not required to meet with an advisor; however, you are strongly encouraged to do so. Advisors can help you make sure that you are taking the right courses for your major and transfer institution, if applicable.

Do I have to wait for the current semester to end in order to register for the next semester?

No, you do not have to wait. You can register as soon as registration opens.

What classes will transfer?

Transferring credits is dependent upon the university or 4-year school you will be attending. We transfer credits all over the United States, but if you are planning to attend an Illinois school, will be helpful in determining which classes you will need to transfer. Let your advisor know where you would like to go after you finish your degree at HCC, and they will be in contact with that school. They will be able to help ensure that you are scheduling the classes required by the other institution.

What is the difference between an Associate of Arts degree and an Associate of Science degree? Is one better than the other?

Both the AA and AS degrees require 62 credit hours. The difference between the two is in the number of hours required in certain general education areas. In humanities and fine arts, for example, the AA degree requires 12 credit hours while the AS degree requires only 6 credit hours.

I am undecided about my major. What should I do?

The first thing you should do is tell your advisor that you are undecided. He or she will then give you some tips and tools to help you find your ideal career and major. You can also attend one of the many workshops that advising holds for undecided students, or you can utilize the resources in Career Services.

How do I change my major?

If you wish to change your major, see your advisor for a “Request for Change of Field of Study” form.

I received a letter saying that I am on academic probation. What should I do next?

If you are put on academic probation, then you will need to meet with Jeremy Bradt, Director of Enrollment and Records.

How do I drop a class?

If you wish to drop a class for a semester that hasn’t started yet, you can login to ROAR to drop the class. If you wish to drop a class during the first two weeks of a semester, you will need to complete an “ADD/DROP” form, which is available in both Enrollment Services and Advising.

I received a letter saying that I am on academic suspension. What should I do next?

If you are on academic suspension and wish to attend Highland for the upcoming semester, you will need to meet with Karl Richards, Dean of Enrollment Services. To schedule an appointment with him, stop by the Admissions department.

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