High School Servant Leadership Program

The 2016-2017 academic year, the High School Servant Leadership program celebrated their 20th anniversary at Highland Community College.

The College received a one-year grant from the Kellogg Foundation in the amount of $25,250.00 to begin the High School Servant Leadership Institute, to train high school juniors on the servant-leadership concept with an emphasis on community volunteerism. In 1997 each high school in the region is invited to participate and nominate 2 juniors to represent their school. To date, more than 200 high school students have participated from all 17 high schools in the College district. In 2003, the program received the Stephenson County Quality of Life Award. Program representatives have also been asked to present at the International Conference for Servant-Leadership in June 2004. This is the group’s second invitation to that conference.

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For more information about the Servant Leadership Program or to support the student’s volunteer efforts, contact the program Coordinator Dan Dick.

Highland Campus

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