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Annual Giving

When you make a gift to the Highland Community College Annual Fund you:

Guarantee an education for those with the greatest potential, not the greatest advantages.
“It may take me a very long time to become a doctor, but I will stop at nothing to achieve this lifetime goal. After I become a doctor, I hope that one day I will be able to own my own clinics and help lower-income families …this scholarship is helping me further my education and helping me achieve greater things, not only for myself but for my family and for other girls like me in the world who don’t receive the right help, guidance, or role models in life.”
Chicola Dickens – Class of 2021 – Student Senate 2019-2020

Help us respond quickly to students’ unexpected needs.
In April, The Foundation provided $12,895 for laptops to lend to students in need due to Covid-19.

Help us teach students to ask important questions for the rest of their lives.
“What is the extent of income inequality, and how does it vary by race, ethnicity, and gender?”
Sociology 276

Give to a place where your gift makes a real difference in creating leaders for our future.
“Upward Bound. Teen mom. Project Succeed. Two nursing degrees. HCC Dual credit and part-time instructor. Business Owner and Wellness Consultant. Highland has been the foundation of my lifelong learning and success in helping others achieve a greater state of wellness so they can fulfill their mission in life. Highland will always be home!”
~Elizabeth Priller, RN, BSN – Class of 2007 – IACTE Illinois New Educator of the Year – ACTE Regional New Educator of the Year – ACTE National New Educator of the Year Finalist – HCC Nursing Student of the Year – IWIB Individual Achievement Regional and State Award Winner

For more information and to fill out a donation card click here.

1962 Leadership Society

Annual membership in this new leadership society is reserved for those who give generously to Highland Community College. 1962 Leadership Society members give $750 or more to the Annual Fund in the current fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30.

The Highland Community College Foundation was created in 1962 as the first two-year college foundation in the State of Illinois. This Leadership Society focuses on the visionary, greatest needs of the College just as when we were first founded years ago. Your gift of $750 secures you as one of our leading annual donors providing additional scholarship opportunities and ensuring the greatest needs of Highland Community College are met each year.

Make a gift today!