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Business Administration

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Business Administration – AA (Program Outcomes)
Clerical Business – Certificate
Clerk/Typist – Certificate
Customer Service – Certificate
Desktop Publishing – Certificate
Information Word Processing – Certificate


Associate of Arts

Business Administration

Associate of Science/Associate of Applied Science/Certificate The business associate of science (AS) programs are intended for students planning to pursue baccalaureate degrees in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, or general business administration. These programs provide comprehensive technical courses that are essential for students who are preparing for junior-level courses. The associate of applied science (AAS) and the certificate program (Cert.) are intended for students with short-term occupational goals. Highland’s business administration program includes courses in accounting, business, economics, mathematics, and communication.

Possible Career Paths in Business Administration

The business/services area is predicted to be one of the areas of employment most in demand well into the 21st century. The student who is well-versed in a number of business areas will be well-suited for the rapidly changing job market. The choice of majors within business administration is diverse. Possible careers include accountants, auditors, financial officers, managers, and sales representatives.

Clerical Business

The clerical business certificate program (Cert.) is designed to provide vital technical skills for the student whose goal is to enter this field, but who does not have any previous office experience. This program provides the specialized training that can make a difference in job preparation.


The HCC clerk/typist program (Cert.) is designed to provide fundamental office background and specific technical skills in accounting, business and office technology. These skills are required for someone to advance in the business and administrative technology fields. With Highland’s state-of-the-art computer technology and knowledgeable instructors, graduates will be independent, technically proficient and versatile employees. This program may lead to possibilities for promotion within the office setting and provides a framework for continuing education.

Desktop Publishing

The HCC desktop publishing program (Cert.) is designed for individuals who want to upgrade their computer skills to keep up with rapid technology advancements in the printing industry. This program will give students business, office technology and information technology skills essential to join the workforce. This program is also suitable for individuals who are interested in desktop publishing for personal fulfillment.

Information Word Processing

The information word processing (Cert.) is intended for individuals who want to increase their computer skills to keep up with the latest technological advancements in the computer industry. Highland’s updated curriculum and cutting-edge technology in office technology, communications and data processing give students the essential background to be successful employees in this field.

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Our Business Administration Faculty

Joe Grove, Economics faculty
Rich Jacobs, Business faculty

Our Administrative Technology Faculty

Denise Johnson, Office technology faculty

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