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CNA Recertification Process

Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistants work as caregivers in all types of health care facilities and agencies, but predominantly in long term care under the supervision of nurses. Advancement in the health care field is possible with further education.

Who is eligible?

An individual that has previously been deemed competent as a CNA (Illinois approved nurse assistant training program; grandfathered in; foreign LPN/RN; military trained; nursing student; or out of state CNA), has a period of 24-consecutive months that the individual has not provided nursing or nursing-related services for pay, the approved certification is lost.

Recertification at Highland Community College may be accomplished by doing the following:

1. Complete the SIU Recertification online form. 2. Once you receive an email/letter from SIU with your approval to take the recertification course, please drop off the following documents to HCC Nursing Building, Room N-164 or in the lockbox outside this door

  • A printed copy of the SIU approval to take the recertification course letter/email.
  • A completed Illinois Department of Public Health background check form (found outside of N-164 or here). Everyone, including those currently on the healthcare worker registry or previously fingerprinted MUST complete the form.

2. All paperwork will be processed by the Highland Community College Basic Nursing Coordinator and then the individual will receive an email to the one listed on the background check with a “permission to take a nursing course form.”

3. This permission to take a nursing course form along with payment will need to be taken to the Highland Community College Admissions Department (building H) to get registered for the course. Any questions for admissions please call 815-599-3414.

4. After the individual has registered for the course, they will be enrolled in the Moodle Course and should begin reviewing the materials required. Students are responsible for reviewing all content prior to the nursing home check off day.

5. The nursing home check off dates will be set up between the individual and the instructor.

6. After the successful completion of the 21 CNA nursing home skills check off, the instructor will submit paperwork for the student to sit for the CNA state test.

Special Considerations

Students entering the health care professions (i.e. nursing, medical assistant, emergency medical technician) must have a positive attitude about the importance of the work that they are being prepared to do. In part, a professional attitude involves personal integrity, the use of positive communication techniques, flexibility in regards to clinical assignments, and taking on a leadership role when necessary.

Program Contacts

Dr. Stephanie Eymann, DNP, RN, Dean of Nursing and Allied Health, 815-599-3439
Alicia Kepner,  CMA, AAMA Coordinator, Nursing Program and Lab, 815-599-3657
Cassie Mekeel, BSN, RN, BNA Coordinator, 815-599-3685
Shelly Morgan, MSN, CMS-RN, 815-599-3727
Kay Sperry, MSN, RN-BC., 815-599-3684
Jessica Larson, MSN, RN 815-599-3452

Scholarship Opportunities