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Parent and Guidance Counselors

Dear Parents and Guidance Counselors:

The College Decision
Helping your son or daughter, or your student, choose a college and career path is an enormous responsibility. Our freshmen repeatedly name their parents and counselors as the key people influencing their college decision. We know how important this time is and how stressful it can be. Let us help.

We’re glad you’re considering Highland
At Highland, we want every student to succeed. We focus our energies on helping our students achieve their dreams. We’re paying attention to each and every student starting their college career at Highland. We hope that our website will help you and your student learn more about our academic programs and comprehensive student support services.

Quality Instruction
Our faculty are well qualified to teach anywhere, and they choose to teach at Highland because they care about students. They like direct interaction in the classroom and they appreciate watching every student succeed. Our average class size is 23 students – small enough to include everyone and large enough to generate a spellbinding discussion. Our best test of instructional quality is the alumni that have been here and elsewhere. They tell us over and over again that they are extremely satisfied with the quality of instruction they received at Highland.

If you are transferring to a 4-year school after HCC, take comfort in knowing that on average our students do better than the students that started out at 4-year colleges and universities. They’re well prepared for the advanced course-work and our College Success Skills Class has already helped them learn the skills they need to succeed. Transferring your credits from here to there is perfectly painless thanks to the Illinois Articulation Initiative, which guarantees credit transfer. Just be sure to have your student work with an advisor.

Career Choices
We have 68 degree and certificate programs, and at least 40 percent of our students embark on a career as soon as they finish their degree at Highland. Many are required to take state licensure exams in order to pursue careers in cosmetology, truck driving, and nursing. We’re proud of the fact that our students exceed the state average test results by a surprisingly wide margin. So, if your student needs technical skills to prepare for a new career, you can choose from one of our occupational and non-transfer degree programs. Many of these programs are developed in steps, so your student can come back later and pick up new skills once they’re in the workforce.

Comprehensive Services
Success doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Sometimes, the most important things are learned in study groups, lunchtime discussions about our world, or with a trusted advisor. That’s why Highland offers a full list of student services, clubs and organizations. Whether your student needs academic advising, free tutoring services, special ADA accommodations, research assistance, or career advice, Highland has friendly, competent staff members to help.