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Home School Students

Four Options for the Home Schooler

We understand that you’ve made a commitment to providing a quality academic experience and we hope to enrich the opportunities you are able to give your child. Highland Community College not only enrolls home schooled students as freshmen, but many enjoy the dual-enrollment experience which allows them to continue their home school learning and take college level classes for credit.

Highland has scholarships specifically for home schooled students. For a listing of all scholarships, visit the searchable scholarship page. The deadline for most applications is June 1 each year. Highland would like to be a partner in your child’s learning experience and in their future.

Dual Enrollment

In our dual enrollment program, your son or daughter will continue to be home schooled. But you can also take advantage of having them earn college credit at the same time. Students will enroll in appropriate Highland Community College classes for college credit. Often these classes include lab sciences, but there is a wide range of opportunities available. Taking college courses will add affordable enrichment opportunities for your student that increases their knowledge and ability, adding to benefits that they already receive through their education at home. Your student will need to be at least 16 years of age and take the academic assessment test, just like any other high school age student, in order to qualify. Our academic advising staff is available to meet with you and your child and help guide the dual enrollment process.

Pre-College Services

Highland offers a number of services for home schooled students prior to their college entrance. These services include career advising, which will allow students to explore potential career fields and take interest inventory assessments. Our Career Center also helps students with college planning and job searches. Contact the Career Center at 815.599.3536.

On-line Classes and Distance Learning

Highland offers a large number of online and hybrid courses approved by the Illinois community college system. Online classes can provide students with an opportunity to continue a self-directed style of study, while introducing college-level curriculum. View our online and hybrid course offerings here.

Enroll in College

Just like any other new student, home schooled students need to complete the application form. Your student may submit it online at or contact Highland for a form.

Submit a transcript
If your student intends to enter college full-time you will need to provide a high school transcript. You must submit a transcript to the Office of Admissions. The director of enrollment and records will evaluate the transcript for minimum graduation requirements. Sample transcript forms are available upon request.

Apply for financial aid and scholarships
We encourage your student to apply for scholarships and financial aid. Home schooled graduates are eligible for HCC scholarships and even have one designated just for them! You are required to complete the FAFSA form
available in our financial aid office or online at

Take a placement test or the ACT
The next step is to take a placement test. Testing is provided on campus. Students are not required to submit ACT scores to Highland, however, ACT scores or the placement test will help us design the best class schedule for your son or daughter. Your advisor will help you interpret the results.

See an advisor
Our professional advising staff will help your son or daughter assess their skills and interests and develop an appropriate class schedule. You are welcome to participate in this session at your child’s request.

Register for classes
Students are able to register online. If your son or daughter is a first time student, you’ll need to follow steps 1 , 2 and 4 in order to get their personal identification number (PIN) that will make online registration possible. See online registration instructions on our web site. Of course, they can always register in the Office of Admissions and Records.

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information about enrolling a home school student, contact us.