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Bill Pay FAQ

Is my banking information safe if I pay online?

Yes. Online Bill Pay is secure and all payments are processed through the TouchNet payment gateway, which utilizes industry-leading security standards. TouchNet is a contributing member of the PCI Security Standards Council and is committed to setting the curve in safeguarding sensitive cardholder data. TouchNet is the only Higher Education focused commerce provider to be certified as both PCI DSS and PA-DSS compliant.

Can anyone else view my account?

Yes. In your Online Bill Pay Account, click on Authorized Users, click add an authorized user, enter the e-mail address of the person you would like to add and answer the two questions regarding access, click the “I Agree” box. Your authorized user (Parent, Family Member, Spouse, Employer) will receive an e-mail that they have been given access as well as an e-mail with a password to login to Online Bill Pay.

Can my parents make a payment for me?

Yes. When logged in as an authorized user, parents may click on Make Payment. Then click Pay and select the payment method. Parents may also enter into a payment plan by selecting Payment Plan and selecting the plan that works best for the family budget. Students may not make payments toward an authorized user’s plan. If your authorized user enrolled in the plan, you can see it, but the authorized user must make the payments.

If I make a payment online, will my future payments automatically be made?

When selecting a payment plan, after you display the payment plan schedule, you will see the following statement at the bottom, “Would you like to set up payments to be made automatically on the dates shown above?”

By selecting “Yes”, the payments will automatically come out of the account that you select. By selecting “No”, the student or authorized user will have to remember to make payments before the deadline date to avoid having a late fee assessed.

Can Highland staff set me up in a payment plan?

If you are having difficulty setting up a payment plan, we HCC staff would be happy to assist you, but you must set the plan up yourself.

Why do I see the message, “You do not have enough eligible charges,” when I try to enroll?

This message typically indicates that your payments and financial aid are greater than your current charges.

I set up scheduled payments, but I have changed my mind and want to make the payments myself. Can I cancel my scheduled payments?

Yes, go into your scheduled installments and choose the delete link. You must then reschedule or pay the installment.

Do I have to wait until my installment is due to pay it, or can I pay smaller amounts when I get my paycheck each week?

You can make payments of any size toward your next installment at any time.

My installment is due today, but I get a message that I can’t pay it because it is already scheduled. What should I do?

You do not need to do anything. When you enrolled in the plan, you set up payments to be processed automatically. One of those payments is being processed today. Highland prevents you from making another payment on the same day to prevent overpayment or double payment.

How do I drop classes for a full refund?

You may drop all of your classes but one in your ROAR account before the semester starts (the ROAR drop option shuts off Thursday night at midnight 4 days before classes start). Once classes start, you must sign an add/drop form in Admissions and Records during the first ten days of classes (for 16-week classes) in order to officially drop. For 8 week classes, you have the first five days of class to process the drop. For 5 week classes, you have the first three days of class to process the drop.

What is the difference between drop and withdrawal?

You may drop a class a 16-week class within the first two weeks of the beginning of the semester. You may drop all but one class in ROAR up to four days prior to the start of the semester. To drop all of your class, you must sign the add/drop form in Admissions and Records prior to the published drop date in the catalog to receive a full refund. Eight and 5-week classes have different drop dates, see Admissions and Records. After the 10-day drop date (for 16-week classes), you may withdraw from a class for a final grade of “W” (does not affect GPA but may affect financial aid).

How can I receive an electronic refund?

Refunds are disbursed as paper checks unless you set up an electronic refund account through Online Bill Pay. Go to Online Bill Pay, click Electronic Refunds. Determine in which account you would like your electronic refund deposited. Electronic refunds are safe and secure. It takes 1-3 business days for the refund to be deposited to your account. Paper checks usually take 1-5 business days. Please remember that if you see a refund listed under Current Activity, HCC electronically transfers funds or releases paper checks every Friday. Financial Aid disbursement dates will vary; please see for more information.

How do I read the e-statement in terms of my financial aid?

Click on the e-statement to view the detailed statement. Your financial aid is listed there and will show as paid once it has been disbursed.

How do I read my current term activity to understand my financial aid?

Click View Activity, or Current Activity, and choose the current term. This will show you a detailed list of any awards and charges as well as the overall current balance.

How does my financial aid, scholarship, or third party contract pay toward my plan?

Financial aid, scholarships and third-party contracts reduce all installments equally

How does changing my schedule affect my financial aid?

Adding or dropping classes may affect your financial aid. Please see the Financial Aid Office to determine the effect on your eligibility when you make any changes to your enrollment status.

What if I have specific questions about my financial aid?

Stop by the Financial Aid Office or give us a call at 815-599-3519/3559. Hours are: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Wednesday 8am-1pm

When I register or make changes to my schedule will my awards update automatically?

No. Your awards will not be updated at the same time you register or make adjustments to your schedule. These have to be adjusted manually, so please be patient and give it some time to be reflected on your statement.

What if my tuition is being paid for by an agency outside of Financial Aid, such as Business Employment Skills?

In order for this to be reflected on your account, you will need to bring in any authorizations you have as soon as possible.