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Code of Conduct

Highland Community College respects the civil rights and liberties of each member of the College; however, it is imperative for the College to be free from
coercion, harassment, and disruption in order to allow for the exchange and expression of ideas. It is also imperative that the College, and the activities it
sponsors, remain safe and drug and alcohol free in order to enhance the pursuit of education and learning.

Students, student organizations, and campus visitors are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to be a credit to themselves, their organizations,
the college and the community. Violation of local, state, or federal laws at any college-sponsored activity (on or off campus) or at any activity involving the use
of Highland property, will be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will result in disciplinary action.

The official and complete Student Code of Conduct can be found in the current College Catalog. Contact the vice president of academic services for updates
and/or revisions.