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Frequently Asked Questions

Live help is available in T-139 computer lab 8 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday. T-139 is open for all students. The campus is closed on weekends and holidays. If the campus is closed, the lab is closed.

Summer Session hours, June 10, 2019 through August 1, 2019, are Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Open Computer labs are in T-139, library, plus some computers are in the cafeteria.
As of 11/14/18, Student Run Help Desk is not available. If you know of a qualified student, have them stop into T-146. We want to continue this service but are need of a student worker.


Students may call 815.599.3411 or email the login help desk at

Online Courses

For more information about online and hybrid course offerings, visit the Searchable Schedule here.

Y1, Y2, and Hybrid Courses-what are they?

Highland offers many courses in several modalities to fit the needs of students. Courses entirely online are Y1 sections, courses requiring minimal time on campus are sections Y2, and courses requiring some time on campus are sections HB. Highland offers Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees almost entirely online. Many students take a combination of face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses during their studies at Highland. At Highland, these courses may be determined by their section designations. “Y1” sections are strictly online-you will not need to come to campus at all. “Y2” sections may require several trips to campus, possibly for a single face-to face class meeting or to take tests on campus in a proctored environment. To take a course online, you will need a modern Internet-connected computer and some commonly available software. Hybrid sections are designated HB. These courses make use of the Internet for any or all of their course content-when and how much is up to the instructor. Classroom attendance is reduced but not eliminated; and hours of attendance may be flexible. If these details are a concern, you should contact the instructor or someone in his or her department before registering. Success in learning online requires a self-motivation and direction that may not be necessary for a face-to-face classroom. OASIS (Online Assessment System for Internet Studies) available at help you determine if you are ready for online learning. OASIS consists of two parts, study skills, and learning styles. While online courses are convenient, many students find they require more time than face-to-face, but the student’s learning experience may be more rewarding.

Online Course Complaints

For information regarding online course complaints, please go to

Minimum Computer Requirements*

  • Computer processing speed of at least 1 Ghz, 2Ghzdual core or more is recommended
  • Memory, RAM 512 MB (min.), 2 GB or more is recommended
  • Disk space, 200 MB

*some courses will have additional requirements, check with course syllabus

Office 365, one license free for faculty and students

Once you receive your email address, you may download one free copy of Microsoft Office 365 by going to, inserting your school email address, then follow the instructions to download the program. You must also have a Microsoft account which includes a One Drive account, all free. The Rosemary J. Shockey Bookstore also has Office 365 including a five computer license for $119.99 plus tax per year.

Usage Policy

The Information Technology Services Department seeks to provide the highest-quality services to the campus community. To understand the responsibilities as a student user, please read the Information Technology Acceptable Use Guidelines ITS_Acceptable_Use_2015.

Highland Campus

2998 W. Pearl City Rd. Freeport, IL 61032


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