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Food Science

Food Science students learn about the physical, biological, and chemical makeup of food to begin a career improving food safety, developing new flavors, and enhancing the nutritional value and shelf-life of our favorite foods. Students have the opportunity to learn about health and food safety as well as product packaging and sales.

highland staff and students in lab coats testing food samples in lab classroom setting

Career Field

Food science graduates excel in various career paths within the food industry. They can find careers as Flavor Technologists, ensuring unique and appealing taste profiles. Their expertise is also crucial in roles such as Food Safety Specialists, Packaging Engineers, Dieticians, Quality Assurance Managers, Product Development Food Scientists, and Food Production Supervisors. With their comprehensive understanding of food science principles, graduates of this program can play vital roles in ensuring safety, quality, innovation, and efficiency throughout the food production process.


Associate of Science (AS)

Agri-Business Management Program Outcomes
Crop Management Program Outcomes
Dairy Livestock Management Program Outcomes

Agriculture Contacts

Justin Ebert, Agriculture faculty
Monica Pierce, Agriculture faculty
Joe Grove, Economics faculty.