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Students who select a pathway in Horticulture will learn everything from production to marketing of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. Students will learn about the impact horticulture has on their daily lives in well being and nutrition.

highland horticulture student in a truck with potted plants


Highland Community College horticulture program graduates are well-prepared to pursue diverse careers in the field. Whether as florists creating stunning arrangements, greenhouse managers overseeing plant growth, or landscape designers crafting beautiful outdoor spaces, their expertise ensures success. With specialized knowledge in areas like fruit tree production, viticulture, and vegetable cultivation, graduates are equipped to excel as golf course superintendents, horticulture instructors, and agricultural professionals in various settings.


Associate of Science (AS)

Agri-Business Management Program Outcomes
Crop Management Program Outcomes
Dairy Livestock Management Program Outcomes

Horticulture Contacts

Justin Ebert, Agriculture faculty
Monica Pierce, Agriculture faculty
Joe Grove, Economics faculty