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Liberal Arts, Professional Education

Liberal Arts – AA/AS (Program Outcome)
Professional Education – AA (Program Outcome)

Associate of Arts
Associate of Science

Liberal Arts
The HCC associate of arts (AA) and associate of science (AS) liberal arts program is ideal for the student pursuing a general degree. Because society is increasingly more complex, many employers seek employees with a non-specific baccalaureate degree. They desire applicants who possess a body of general knowledge rather than knowledge in a specific concentration. This liberal arts program is designed for the HCC student intending to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

Professional Education
This program is designed for the student intending to transfer to a senior institution to complete a baccalaureate degree. Graduates of four-year baccalaureate programs in this major are typically employed as teachers in elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities, religious organizations, and civic/social organizations.

Our Liberal Arts and Professional Education Faculty
Kay Ostberg, English faculty
Sam Fiorenza, English faculty
Kent Johnson, English and Spanish faculty
Tracy Mays, English and German faculty
Paul Rabideau, psychology faculty
Donna Tufariello, English faculty

Liberal Arts Education Scholarship Opportunities
View all of our scholarships here.

Highland Campus

2998 W. Pearl City Rd. Freeport, IL 61032


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