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Liberal Arts

The Highland Community College associate of arts (AA) and associate of science (AS) liberal arts program is ideal for the student pursuing a general degree. Because society is increasingly more complex, many employers seek employees with a non-specific baccalaureate degree. They desire applicants who possess a body of general knowledge rather than knowledge in a specific concentration. This liberal arts program is designed for the HCC student intending to pursue a baccalaureate degree.


Liberal Arts – AA/AS (Program Outcome)


Associate of Arts
Associate of Science

Liberal Arts Contacts

Sammy Ahmed, World Civilization/Political Science faculty
Kay Ostberg, English faculty
Sam Fiorenza, English faculty
Chelsea Martinez, Psychology/Education faculty
Tracy Mays, English/German faculty
Paul Rabideau, psychology faculty
Cristina Szterensus, English/Spanish faculty
Donna Tufariello, English faculty

Vicki Schulz, Advisor and Transfer Coordinator