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Engineering – AES (Program Outcome)
Engineering Technology – AS (Program Outcome)

Associate of Engineering Science
Associate of Science

The engineering program (AES) applies mathematics and science principles to the design and construction of useful devices and structures. Specialty areas of engineering include: mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, and industrial. This program is designed for the student intending to pursue a baccalaureate degree in engineering.

Engineering Technology
Students in the engineering technology program (AS) learn vital technical skills and train for entry into this field. Engineering technology students use their technical skills and knowledge of science and math in the support of engineering activities. Students should have interests in mechanical or electrical devices and mathematics; skills in using instruments; and the ability to make accurate observations and measurements.

Possible Career Paths
Engineers work in settings such as industries, research facilities, consulting firms and governmental agencies. After attaining a baccalaureate degree, students may work in several different engineering specialties including aeronautical, civil, industrial, mechanical, chemical or metallurgical. Engineering technicians are employed by companies in the electrical equipment, machinery, aerospace, and construction industries; by engineering and architectural firms. Faster than average job growth is projected due to anticipated increases in research and development expenditures and the expected growth in the output of technical products.

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Our Engineering Faculty

David Esch, physics/math faculty
Stephen Mihina, math faculty
Aaron Sargent, mechanical technology faculty

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