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Psychology, Sociology, Human/Social Services


Psychology is the scientific study of emotional and behavioral characteristics of individuals and groups. The Highland psychology program (AA) is designed to provide vital skills and understanding by studying human behavior, personality development, treatment, and therapy. The program analyzes social, clinical, educational, experimental, and industrial psychology. This program offers a solid educational foundation for the student intending to pursue a baccalaureate degree in psychology or a related field.


Sociology is the comprehensive scientific study of society and its constituent parts. This discipline combines the ongoing study of social facts with the historical study of social institutions. The Highland sociology program (AA) provides introductory survey courses dealing with socialization, culture, social class, race, the family, and deviant behavior. These courses will serve to help understand ourselves and the world we live in and will also serve as a foundation for any bachelor’s degree program.

Human/Social Services

The flexible HCC human/social services program (AA) provides essential educational elements while allowing students to choose from either an emphasis in children’s services or social services. Both are designed to provide a solid foundation for a baccalaureate degree. It is possible, however, for a student to gain employment after completion of the two-year program.

Possible Career Paths

Occupations for psychology/sociology majors include marketing research analyst, public relations specialist, personnel interviewer, probation/parole officer, career services director, mental health worker, hospice coordinator, art therapist, psychologist, school counselor, police officer, criminologist, social worker, or teacher. Human/social service graduates typically acquire employment in state, county, and municipal social service agencies, as well as educational institutions, religious organizations, and health-related institutions.


Psychology – AA (Program Outcome)
Sociology – AA (Program Outcome)
Human /Social Services – AA (Program Outcome)


Associate of Arts

Program Contacts

Julie Hartman-Linck, Sociology Instructor
Chelsea Martinez, Psychology/Education Instructor
Paul Rabideau, Psychology Instructor
Amanda Venhuizen, Advisor