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At Highland, we have multiple education areas of study to focus on. You can choose from multiple early childhood certificates, a degree in elementary education, or agriculture. Take your pick!

The professional education is designed for the student intending to transfer to a senior institution to complete a baccalaureate degree. Graduates of four-year baccalaureate programs in this major are typically employed as teachers in elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities, religious organizations, and civic/social organizations.


Associate of Arts – (Program Outcome)
Associate of Applied Science – (Program Outcome)
Associate of Science – (Program Outcome)


Early Childhood Education
Clerical Business
Clerk Typist

Elementary Education Pathway

Accelerate your career with the Elementary Education Pathway Program! If you are a current high school student, ask your guidance counselor about enrolling in Dual Credit at Highland. You will start your pathway to becoming a K-12 teacher while in high school! After graduating with your high school diploma and Associate of Arts or Associate of Science from HCC, you will transfer to Western Illinois University to complete your secondary degree in Elementary, Middle or Special Education. When you’re ready, you will student teach within the Highland district. This seamless program was built with our local school districts and your career in mind!

Education Career Paths

  • Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 3)
  • Elementary Teacher (Kindergarten-Grade 9)
  • Secondary (Grade 6-12)
  • Special Education (Kindergarten-Grade 12)
  • Paraprofessional
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Biology Teacher
  • Agricultural Teacher
  • College Instructor

Course Listings

Education Faculty
Sammy Ahmed, World Civilization/Political Science faculty
Kay Ostberg, English faculty
Sam Fiorenza, English faculty
Chelsea Martinez, Psychology/Education faculty
Tracy Mays, English/German faculty
Paul Rabideau, psychology faculty
Cristina Szterensus, English/Spanish faculty
Donna Tufariello, English faculty

Vicki Schulz, Advisor and Transfer Coordinator